App Protection

App protection prevents unauthorized access to Boxcryptor.

If this feature is activated, you can set several authentication methods. You have to authenticate yourself with a set method to use Boxcryptor.

You can enter an invalid authentication up to five times. If you fail to authenticate yourself, you have to enter your Boxcryptor password or reset Boxcryptor to factory settings.

These are the authentication methods you can choose from:

  • 4-digit PIN code: When set, you have to enter a 4-digit PIN code.
  • Password: When set, you have to enter your Boxcryptor password.
  • Touch ID and device password: When set, the user must enter his or her fingerprint by using the device’s fingerprint sensor. This feature is only available on devices that support Touch ID. Apple provides a fallback to Touch ID, that allows you to use the device’s password instead of Touch ID if you prefer.

Boxcryptor requires you to enter the authentication at start. Afterwards, Boxcryptor will run until you specifically quit the software. If you want to protect Boxcryptor when you are away from your device, please use your operating system’s features to lock your device manually or automatically after certain amount of time.

You can activate and set up the protection feature in the settings: Boxcryptor menu bar icon → Preferences → Security.

Note: If an attacker gains access to your operating system, it is theoretically possible for him to modify the locally stored Boxcryptor settings in such a way that the protection feature can be circumvented. While this feature can help you better protect your encrypted data on your computer, it does not guarantee 100% security against sophisticated attackers with access to your operating system. We recommend to follow local device security best practices, to avoid such a situation.

Boxcryptor Settings

To access the Boxcryptor settings, click the Boxcryptor icon located in the menu bar and select Preferences. Navigate to the Advanced or the Updates tab to change autostart- and update settings.

The default settings are:

  • Automatically check for updates
  • Automatically send Diagnostic and Usage Data

Additionally, you can make the following changes to the Boxcryptor settings:

Changing these settings may cause unwanted behavior of Boxcryptor. Please do not change these unless you are an experienced user.

  • Mount for all users: System accounts will be able to access Boxcryptor.
  • Mount as fixed disk: Even though the Boxcryptor drive is a virtual drive, this option will make it look and treated as a real drive.
  • Enable trash: Deleting files will move them to trash, so that they can be restored if necessary.
  • Enable Spotlight: Enables spotlight to index and find files in Boxcryptor.