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Microsoft365 and work council

Microsoft 365 and the Works Council

The possibility of personal and behavioral control makes Microsoft 365 software subject to co-determination. The works council should therefore be involved in the acquisition process at an early stage.

Work Council

Data Protection for the Works Council

GDPR, BDSG-neu, duty of co-determination and confidentiality - data protection is an everyday topic for the works council. Our collection of topics helps.

Monthly News 05-2022 Header

Boxcryptor: News and Updates in May 2022

New and improved in Boxcryptor: Device codes, Windows search, macOS progress, and more since our latest Boxcryptor updates. Read, what we have been working on lately.

The Ransomware Threat


Ransomware panic is widespread. We present proven strategies for protecting your sensitive corporate data and useful tips for business continuity management.

2-1 Boxcryptor Features — at a Glance

Why Data Privacy Matters: Debunking 5 Arguments Against Data Encryption

Despite its many benefits, data encryption is still facing pushback from lawmakers as well as skepticism from the public. We address the most common arguments and explain how they're wrong.

AIP Alternative Header

How well does Azure Information Protection (AIP) Protect Your Data?

We took a closer look at the functions, data security and encryption of Azure Information Protection (AIP).

What is Microsoft Teams

How to Significantly Increase Data Protection in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams' data protection policy sparks controversy in Germany once again. We provide some tips on how you can increase your level of data protection in MS Teams.


Whisply by Boxcryptor – Secure File Sharing with External Users

With the help of Whisply it is possible to share encrypted files with external users in a simple and secure way.