We are excited to share that we are set to begin a new chapter with Dropbox, Inc. Dropbox is acquiring our IP technology to embed natively into the Dropbox product, bringing end-to-end, zero-knowledge encryption to millions of business customers around the world. Check out our blog to find out more!

Boxcryptor Blog

Sécurité - Cloud - Mises à jour

Tout sur le cloud

Quel est exactement le cloud et pourquoi en ai-je besoin? Nous discutons des avantages du cloud, de sa nature, des fournisseurs que nous recommandons et des nouveautés des fournisseurs de cloud les plus connus.

Multi Cloud

Hybrid Cloud, Multi Cloud and securely using and managing them for your company

We explain Hybrid Cloud and Multi Cloud, with their respective advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, we would like to show how to use those models with the highest possible level of security.

Cloud vs NAS - Data Security Explained

Cloud vs. NAS: Where is my Data More Secure?

In smaller amounts, I can definitely carry around my money. But as soon as it becomes more, I give it to an expert who will take care of it on my behalf. Data can be seen in the same way.

Boxcryptor's New SSO (Single Sign-on)

Get to know our premium plan for companies, Boxcryptor Enterprise. Read more about the features that come with this plan, including Single Sign-on (SSO) to simplify user management in large organizations.

Boxcryptor and Google Backup and Sync

Google Drive for Desktop – What it is and How it Works with Boxcryptor

Google Drive for desktop works great with Boxcryptor. Learn how to set it up, where you need to be careful about privacy, and how it works with Boxcryptor.

Boxcryptor OneDrive Office365 Germany

The new Office 365 Germany: Boxcryptor and Whisply support OneDrive Germany on all Platforms

With Microsoft’s Office 365 Germany all data stays in Germany and is hosted by T-Systems by Deutsche Telekom. Boxcryptor now supports and encrypts OneDrive in this new office solution.

Boxcryptor is your Viivo Alternative

Viivo Shuts Down – Here is Your Cloud Encryption Alternative

The cloud encryption service Viivo is shutting down July 1st 2017. Users who want to switch will find a great alternative in Boxcryptor. Compare now and get started with your smooth transition.

Boxcryptor Supports Smart Sync (Dropbox Business)

Boxcryptor Supports the New Smart Sync of Dropbox Business

With our new update Boxcryptor on macOS and Windows now supports the new Smart Sync by Dropbox Business. Choose whether files should be available locally or not, to save storage space on your machine.

What is the Cloud?

Cloud Definition – What is a Cloud? (With Infographic)

The cloud is everywhere. How does cloud computing benefit private and business users? IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and everything you need to know, explained in simple terms.