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Box Cryptor, BoxRaptor, or Boxyryptor? The confusion around our name

B-o-x-c-r-y-p-t-o-r – spelling our product is an integral part of our working day. Why is it that Boxcryptor always has so many typos and funny misunderstandings?

Since the company was founded 10 years ago, we have been collecting the most amusing spelling mistakes around our encryption solution. Here we now show a list of the best finds.

Box Cryptor — the classic

Got all the letters right, but you hit the space bar one too many times. Our company name consists of two words put together, namely Box for cloud storage (initially Boxcryptor was only developed for Dropbox) and Crypt for cryptography.

Can you spot the difference?

Background: Until 2013, the C in the word was capitalized — a so-called camel case. We said goodbye to that because, frankly, it's just impractical.

BoxRAPTOR — our favorite

3D-printed dinosaur

We can't explain how this typo came about — but we love “Boxraptor” because it reminds us of a little dinosaur. That's why our colleague Michael even made little green dinosaurs in the 3D printer for the whole team. They are especially popular with the Boxcryptor kids.

Boxcryotor and Boxyryptor — classic typos

Slipped from the P to the O? Got the Y instead of the C? Happens to us at least once a day. Our trick: Add Boxcryptor as an exception in the spell checker program, then only the wrong spellings will be underlined and you will find the mistakes faster.

Boxcrypter — by the sounds of it

We know that our name is sometimes difficult to understand, especially when you only hear it. Particularly our German-speaking customers sometimes form funny variants. Those who speak English are more likely to get confused with the ending.

Of course, we take this into account when we advertise in podcasts or on the radio, so we usually ask for the name to be spelled out or explained.

Boxcrzptor — the German keyboard

Since we work bilingually, some team members switch their keyboard from German to English. In doing so, the keys of Y and Z are then swapped. That's how this adorable mistake happens.

boxswooper — the exotic one

In fact, this is the interpretation of our spoken company name as the YouTube translation software understands it. If you fade in the subtitles on our videos, you'll come across some very funny finds every now and then. “Boxswooper”, “box hopped” and “box super” we didn't want to deprive you of.

Smile allowed

Bocksrüptor, Boycryptor, Boxcrytor, boxcyptor, Boxkrypton, Boxclubtor, Boxgrabtor, Boxgrobtor, Boxchiptor, Boxbabytor, Boxcurrytor, ...

Well, in the vast majority of cases we recognize that Boxcryptor is meant. In fact, it's just an amusing distraction when someone posts a new spelling of Boxcryptor in the company chat again.

Anyway, we are happy about the great international interest in our product and the lively exchange with private users and companies from all over the world. Together we are advancing data protection and that is what counts.

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