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Hello Community! Do You Already Know the New Boxcryptor Forum?

Summary: The Boxcryptor forum supports Boxcryptor Free users with any application problems. After revising the forum, it is now ready to use under its new name Boxcryptor Community.
Click here to reach the Boxcryptor Community.

We mainly carry out our annual customer survey to find any needs for improvements. During the evaluation process, we noticed that most users are not familiar with our Boxcryptor Community. Which is why we would like to thoroughly present it to you here.

What’s Boxcryptor Community?

In the Boxcryptor community everything revolves around our encryption software. Users can help each other with problems and get the most important news. It is especially important for users of Boxcryptor Free as a source of help, as they cannot claim assistance through email from our support team.

Boxcryptor Community Screenshot EN

What Content Can Be Found in the Boxcryptor Community?

The Community is the central contact point for all questions regarding Boxcryptor. Here you can find all answers to frequent questions, information about the new operating systems (e.g. macOS Big Sur) and important announcements are posted by our team in the Community.

Boxcryptor Community in Numbers

Of course, a lot happens in a forum on a daily basis. To give you an impression of how active our Boxcryptor Community is, we have prepared some numbers from August 2020:

  • 7.000 registered users
  • 2.000 discussions (threads)
  • 9.000 posts

Visit our Boxcryptor Community now!

Don’t Miss Any News of Boxcryptor Anymore!

Our most important communication channels are the Boxcryptor newsletter and our social media channels.

The Newsletter is published around three times a month in the German and English language. In our newsletter we inform you about new blog articles, discount campaigns and all news regarding Boxcryptor. Furthermore, you will receive regular invitations to our newest webinars. Subscribe to the Boxcryptor Newsletter

On Twitter you can find helpful links, learn about new events, sign up to webinars and communicate with our editors. We publish all tweets in German and in English. Follow Boxcryptor on Twitter

On Instagram you can get an insight into our office. Here we present our team and give you a glimpse into our work routine. We recommend this channel to anyone thinking about applying to Boxcryptor. Most of our posts are in German on Instagram. Follow Boxcryptor on Instagram

On LinkedIn we almost exclusively post in English. Our focus lies on business topics – news regarding our Business-, Company- and Enterprise licenses. Follow Boxcryptor on LinkedIn

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