We are excited to share that we are set to begin a new chapter with Dropbox, Inc. Dropbox is acquiring our IP technology to embed natively into the Dropbox product, bringing end-to-end, zero-knowledge encryption to millions of business customers around the world. Check out our blog to find out more!

We've Written a Book!

The forklift truck can reach the front door of our office building at ground level. We've got a lift too, luckily. The office is now littered with boxes full of copies of our book. We're excited! As a company that works digitally and is almost entirely paperless, a book premiere is a somewhat a new world for us. That's why we are so happy to present you with our book Data Security and Cloud Encryption for Dummies!

Data Security and Cloud Encryption for Dummies

We have decided to publish our knowledge gathered over the last years on the topics of data security and cloud together with the publisher Wiley VCH in a book under the popular "for Dummies" label. It is our mission to help companies and organisations store sensitive data and information securely.

We cover the following topics:

  • Various storage media and their areas of usage
  • Data protection legislation and its practical implementation in companies
  • Encryption standards and areas of application
  • Introduction to encryption software for companies

Data Security and Cloud Encryption for Dummies is 102 pages long and is available for free as a paperback or an ebook (PDF). If you would like to pre-order a physical copy, please send us your address details to dummie@boxcryptor.com.

Who Is This Book Meant for?

With this book, we are addressing people who deal with the topics of data protection and data security in their company. The book builds on existing knowledge of the reader and helps them deepen it. We want you to become so competent in the field of encryption that you are able to recognise real end-to-end encryption, answer all critical questions and unerringly choose the appropriate encryption software for your company.

Data Security and Cloud Encryption for Dummies is for you if ...

  • you work or are involved in data protection, data security, IT security, cloud security or a related field.
  • you are aware of the value that sensitive data has and the requirements imposed by the GDPR.
  • You are willing to campaign for the protection of personal data and trade secrets.
  • You are curious about how exactly sensitive data can be protected and how you can use encryption to do so.

Perhaps you're just looking to learn more about encryption in general, or maybe you're somewhat intimidated by the complexity of the topic that appears to be so tangled at first glance. We have divided the complex topic into small, manageable portions and designed it as a reference work with a clear layout.

About the authors

You already know Lisa Figas and Moritz Ober from numerous blog articles on the Boxcryptor website. Over the last few years, the two of them have acquired extensive knowledge about data protection through encryption, which they now share in Data Security and Cloud Encryption for Dummies.

Lisa Figas

The fight for privacy has been on the mind of this Augsburg resident for a long time. As part of her work at Boxcryptor, she has contributed to several open letters dealing with the impending ban on secure chat communication. In her talks at the Chaos Communication Congress and Privacy Week, she has dealt with US data protection laws and highlighted their impact on social problems.

Moritz Ober

The marketing expert is responsible for the external presentation of the brand identity at Boxcryptor and oversees the communication around product innovations and features. He is particularly interested in the cultural reappraisal of social issues surrounding digitalisation and new media.

Advisory board and contributions by: Elena Calatrava Corral, Christian Olbrich, Johanna Reisacher and Rebecca Sommer. We would like to thank the "For Dummies" team at Wiley VHC for the successful cooperation. At the moment we only offer our book in German language, but we hope to announce an English edition very soon.

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