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Boxcryptor News February 2018 – Saying Goodbye to Windows Phone, Windows RT and Blackberry

Robert Freudenreich | CTO


Goodbye Windows Phone, Windows RT and Blackberry OS

On the 31st of March we are cancelling the support for Windows Phone, Windows RT and Blackberry OS. At this date, we are going to remove our apps from the respective stores. Boxcryptor users that have already installed and are using the apps for Windows Phone, Windows RT and Blackberry can nevertheless continue using those apps. But please be aware, the apps might become unstable and we can no longer guarantee their functionality.

Why does support for these platforms end?

To offer our users the best service possible, it is crucial that we are working in the most efficient way. Supporting old or only rarely used operational systems unfortunately does not suit this strategy, due to each app requiring an enormous amount of developing time and labor. Additionally, after a sufficient time, none of these platforms was able to acquire a relevant market share. Of our active users, less than 1% are using those platforms – combined.

We did wish as well, Windows Phone or Blackberry OS might become a serious alternative to the duopolistic iOS and Android market and we were trying to support this effort by offering our service to both, Windows Phone and Blackberry OS operating systems. Unfortunately, the change in market structure never occurred. Recently even Microsoft themselves announced that Windows Phone is “dead” and Blackberry stated that support for BB10 and BBOS will come to an end. If we consider our own download statistics, we cannot reject these statement. Other app developers, like WhatsApp have recently announced to end support for Windows Phone and Blackberry. Good news for Blackberry users are that new Blackberry devices are delivered with a pre-installed Adroid OS. Boxcryptor can be used on those Blackberry devices by using our Android app.

We are deeply sorry that we have to take this step and for the inconveniences this causes for our Windows Phone, RT and Blackberry OS users. For those affected Boxcryptor customers who are interested in a refund of their subscription, please contact our support team.

Dropbox users who are using Boxcryptor on one of the above-mentioned devices should be aware that the interface used in these apps is going to be shut down by Dropbox already on February 28th 2018. The Dropbox integration in these apps will stop working after this date.

What should affected users do now?

We are recommending a switch to newer devices with Android or iOS operating systems. This will also increase the security of using mobile devices, as security updates are more likely on those platforms.

Mobile Boxcryptor Classic Apps are also going to be removed

Boxcryptor Classic is the Boxcryptor predecessor. Compared to this old app from 2011, Boxcryptor provides numerous additional features, like collaboration and team features, today. In 2013 we replaced Boxcryptor Classic with this new version, already.

After almost 5 additional years, on March 31st 2018, we are also going to remove the Boxcryptor Classic apps from the respective stores. Boxcryptor Classic users that have installed our app on their Android, iOS, Windows Phone or Windows RT devices can continue using the app. But since current operating systems like iOS 11 and Android 7 or 8 are not supported by the Classic apps already, problems like crashes might occur more frequently.

The above-mentioned cautiousness of Dropbox customers needs to be applied by Boxcryptor Classic users, too. The interface being shut down by Dropbox, on February 28th 2018, affects the usability of Boxcryptor Classic, as well.

This is how changing from Boxcryptor Classic to Boxcryptor works

We are offering all users that desire to upgrade from Boxcryptor Classic to the new Boxcryptor a step-by-step instruction on how to make the change. The step-by-step instruction can be found here.

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