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Marketing and Sales: The Boxcryptor team needs reinforcement
Lisa Figas | Marketing Manager
Thursday, July 4, 2019

Marketing and Sales: The Boxcryptor team needs reinforcement

Descaling, cleaning, filter exchange - when the coffee machine had one wish after the other for two whole hours on Monday morning, the mood was a bit tense for a while. Imagine 24 programmers and marketing people loitering about with severe coffee withdrawal in the office. That's scary.

Normally, our coffee machine works perfectly and the Boxcryptor team maintains very relaxed interactions with each other. Even though sometimes we could like to divide ourselves into four, because there are so many exciting ideas and projects that one would like to implement immediately.

For this reason, we have vacancies in marketing and sales here in Augsburg. Would you like to become part of a young team with flat hierarchies and bring in your own skills and interests? Then read on and learn more about how the workday looks like with us.

Marketing Team and Tasks

Rebecca, Jonathan and I take care all marketing and press tasks at Boxcryptor. Support for graphics and design is provided by our student employee Moritz.

The Marketing Team at Boxcryptor Consists of Lisa Figas and Dr. Rebecca Sommer

Apart from the fact that we look at the same screen every day with the same people in the same office, our daily work is very varied. Texts are researched, written and translated, keyword analyzations are carried out and SEO measures are implemented. Collaborations with other companies and magazines, guest contributions, social media or the newsletter are also looked after by the marketing team, if necessary in close cooperation with the developers, the sales department or the support team.

Our biggest challenge? Implement marketing measures for the B2B, B2C and enterprise markets, in German and in English for our customers from all over the world. This requires creativity and ingenuity and makes the work both challenging and fulfilling.

For us it is very important to be able to se our own marketing priorities. At Boxcryptor, you can work very independently, which increases the fun at work. Working on cross-departmental projects is quite normal here. You should definitely not be afraid of meetings or developers.

Currently we have the following vacancies:

Sales Team and Tasks

The sales team at Boxcryptor consists of Elizabeth, Galina and Sophie and our working Student Philipp. Elizabeth looks after international customers, Galina takes care of the Russian-speaking region and South America, and Sophie is responsible for the customers in the DACH region. You see, we are active worldwide, which makes the work very exciting.

The Sales Team at Boxcryptor Consists of Elisabeth Demireva, Galina Lapteva, Sopie Kartheuser, and Philipp Wittek.

In the sales department, no two days are the same. We give potential new customers an understanding of Boxcryptor, answers technical questions and cares about the concerns of existing customers. The sales team mainly communicates in writing and occasionally over the phone. We strive to help our customers as well as possible and, for example, also offer webinars.

Another sales tasks is to present Boxcryptor at expos, conferences and other events. Communication skills are as important to Boxcryptor in sales as a good knowledge of the product. But do not worry: we give all new employees enough time and support for a thorough training in the subject of encryption. Nobody needs to know everything. For this we maintain the internal exchange across departments.

The conversation with customers from various industries and countries makes the work in sales particularly diverting. It also makes it fun to develop sales strategies and to inspire new users for Boxcryptor.

Currently we have the following vacancies:

What's also Interesting

We improved our application process in relation to diversity. We hope to attract people regardless of their age, gender, skin, or whatever category. Please read more about diversity at Boxcryptor here.

If you would like to know more about Boxcryptor and the team, here's a look back at the development of the team and the company in recent 6 years.

Current Openings

Secomba GmbH | Boxcryptor is an established company located in Augsburg, Germany. We are specialized in developing innovative cloud security software. With our products Boxcryptor and Whisply we enable people to use cloud storage in a secure way.

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