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Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp

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Jef Verellen

Data Protection Officer

Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp

We are pleased to welcome yet another research institution amongst our clients: The Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM). ITM is a worldwide leader in research, education and service in infectious diseases, with focus on low and middle income countries. Besides running research and offering postgraduate education, they run an outpatient policlinic and the largest travel clinic in Belgium.

As a respected research organization dealing with sensitive healthcare information such as STD clinic records, ITM had the need for a tool that would help them and their partners handle their data with the highest standard of confidentiality.

We would recommend Boxcryptor to all organisations and research groups who are storing and sharing sensitive data such as health related data in cloud based solutions or organisations who are processing large amounts of personal data.

Thanks to Boxcryptor, ITM is able to take advantage of the convenience cloud technology offers for data transfer and storage, while staying compliant with data security laws. The additional protection helps ITM maintain their scientific integrity and their research participants' trust.

ITM fully manages their own encryption keys, allowing them to transfer sensitive data outside of the European Union without any legal complications. This allows researchers from different countries to collaborate effectively – a feature many research teams are looking into as data protection laws keep getting stricter.

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