We are excited to share that we are set to begin a new chapter with Dropbox, Inc. Dropbox is acquiring our IP technology to embed natively into the Dropbox product, bringing end-to-end, zero-knowledge encryption to millions of business customers around the world. Check out our blog to find out more!

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Les dernières nouvelles concernant Boxcryptor

Boxcryptor Update: Encrypted Messages in Microsoft Teams

Once again, we have good news to share: with some more encryption features, we are making companies’ confidential data in Microsoft Teams even more secure. Here you can find the information about the new major Boxcryptor release.

Boxcryptor Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

This month marks the 10th anniversary of the founding of Secomba GmbH, manufacturer of the world-renowned encryption solution Boxcryptor. The Augsburg-based company has successfully transformed from a startup to an established regional employer and looks back proudly on the past 10 years. The prospects of the IT company are promising despite the pandemic.

Boxcryptor Introduces Revamped iOS App

Just in time for the 10th anniversary of their encryption solution Boxcryptor, Secomba GmbH has overhauled a central pillar of its software: With the new Boxcryptor app for iOS, the German team around CTO Robert Freudenreich says goodbye to its file browser on iPhones and iPads. Thanks to a completely new code, the application is now future-proof. For more information, please read our press release.

Strategic autonomy in danger: European Tech companies warn of lowering data protection levels in the EU

Together with the IT security companies Cryptomator, Mail.de, Mailfence, Praxonomy, Tresorit and Tutanota, Boxcryptor publishes an Open Letter to the EU Commission. In it, we take a stand on the impending ban of end-to-end encryption in chat apps and offer our expertise in the field of encryption.

Boxcryptor for Schools — Cloud Security for a Low Budget

Homeschooling and the need for digital teaching methods is a major challenge for schools when it comes to data protection. Due to the current situation, we decided to support schools in protecting personal data in services such as Microsoft 365 and other cloud storage. Public schools from the primary and secondary sector will therefore from now on receive the Boxcryptor encryption software with a high discount.

Statement and Position Paper: Protect End-to-End Encryption

State-mandated implemention of back doors? Due to the planned EU resolution to ban end-to-end encryption in chat services, we, as experts in the field of data protection, feel compelled to comment. (In German)

Now available for Microsoft Teams: Encryption by Boxcryptor

The encryption software Boxcryptor is now available as an application in Microsoft Teams, the central place for all Microsoft 365 applications. From now on, company and enterprise users can integrate Boxcryptor as an app into their familiar Microsoft Teams workflow. For further information download our press release.

Independent Audit of the Boxcryptor Encryption Software with Positive Results

In May, the Augsburg-based encryption software Boxcryptor was tested by the security company Kudelski in an independent audit. The results were consistently positive: There are no critical weaknesses in the software. The few suggestions for improvement have already been implemented. For further information and the final report of the audit download our press release.

Blank Check for Policemen – We criticize the planned amendment to the German Telemedia Act (TMG) (only available in German)

On Friday the 13th December2019, the draft bill of the law to combat right-wing extremism and hate crime on the internet was published. Part of this law is an amendment to the Telemedia Act (TMG), according to which the judges’ reservation in the issuing of passwords is to fall, as can be read in Article 4, paragraph 15a. Read Boxcryptor CTO Robert Freudenreich’s statement here.

Data collection frenzy of the health ministry - we criticize the plans of Jens Spahn (only available in German)

On Thursday, 7 November 2019, the new version of the Digital Supply Act (DVG) is to be passed in the Bundestag. The creation of a database of all health data of all German statutory health insurance patients is currently causing a stir among data protectors. We agree with the opinion of the Federal Data Protection Commissioner and strongly criticize the plans of the Ministry of Health. Read the statement by Boxcryptor CTO Robert Freudenreich here.

Data Security in German Hospitals: New Security Standard Published (Only available in German)

A new security standard has been published that functions as a binding IT security guideline for hospitals. Our CTO Robert Freudenreich comments on the role of encryption in the document.

Patient Data Publicly Accessible – Statement by Robert Freudenreich

With dismay we read once again from published data with highly sensitive contents. Once more, a data leak would have been avoidable. It's time for a paradigm shift – a statement by Robert Freudenreich, CTO and founder of Boxcryptor.

Boxcryptor Customer Survey 2019: Two-third Use Multicloud for Data Protection

For the first time, the encryption software provider Boxcryptor carried out a large-scale customer survey in spring 2019. The results now provide precise information about the behavior of security-conscious cloud users.

Europe Cloud: Statement from Andrea Pfundmeier (German)

Background: Because of security concerns with US cloud providers, German minister for inner affairs, Horst Seehofer, wants to develop a European Cloud. Boxcryptor CEO Andrea Pfundmeier, criticizes this project (only available in German).

Quality Through Diversity: Boxcryptor Presents New Leitmotif at Recruiting (German)

Secomba reviews its hiring process: The goal is to receive more applications by women, people with disabilities, people with migration background, and people of all ages (only available in German).

New Boxcryptor Enterprise Plan with Single Sign-on and More Enterprise Features

Boxcryptor Enterprise is a newly introduced plan of the German cloud encryption solution. The prime feature of this new plan for 50+ users is Single Sign-on (SSO), which makes user management for large companies much easier and reduces risk of human error, when handling sensitive data. Boxcryptor is the first zero knowledge cloud encryption software on the market that offers native SSO.

Boxcryptor Team Develops Tool to Resolve Conflicted Copies in Dropbox

The company behind the encryption solution Boxcryptor and the encrypted file transfer service Whisply offers a tool to help Dropbox users clean up their cloud. The Conflicted Copy Resolver finds conflicted copies and assists users in cleaning out their Dropbox.

Boxcryptor and Whisply support OneDrive in Office 365 Germany on all Platforms

Office 365 Germany is a new offer by Microsoft, hosted by the German T-Systems, a subsidiary firm of Deutsche Telekom. T-Systems acts as a data trustee for Microsoft, therefore, all data in Office 365 Germany is stored and processed in Germany. Secomba had to adjust to some changes but can now offer full support of OneDrive for Business in Office 365 Germany for their products.

Boxcryptor officially supports Smart Sync, the new feature of Dropbox Business

Boxcryptor now supports the new Smart Sync of Dropbox for business users, on macOS and Windows. The purpose of Smart Sync is to optionally save space on local devices. From now on, Dropbox Business users can choose whether they want to have files available only in the cloud, or locally as well – still securely encrypted with Boxcryptor.

Boxcryptor Gets a New Sales Partner: Value Added Distributor Jakobsoftware Includes the Cloud Encryption Solution in Its Portfolio

Value Added Distributor Jakobsoftware is a new sales partner of Boxcryptor in the DACH region. As of now, the Boxcryptor Company Package, the Unlimited Business license, as well as the Unlimited Personal license will be available at Jakobsoftware.

Secure File Transfer – Official Release of Whisply with Integration in Boxcryptor

Secomba GmbH – the developer of the cloud encryption solution Boxcryptor – extends their product range with today’s official release of Whisply. The innovative, web-based file transfer service allows sending files securely endto-end-encrypted out of Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. In the course of this release, Boxcryptor for Windows and Mac OS X was updated with many new features and Whisply integration.

Boxcryptor now official Dropbox Premier Technology Partner

Boxcryptor, the cloud-optimized encryption solution, announced today that it has entered into a partnership with Dropbox and is now one of its selected Premier Technology Partners. The Dropbox Partner Program enables customers to benefit from selected and proven technology solutions. Boxcryptor can support more than 150,000 Dropbox Business customers around the world, by adding additional security to their files with “zero knowledge” encryption.

Boxcryptor update allows mobile editing of encrypted documents inside third party apps

After an update, Boxcryptor, the encryption solution for numerous cloud providers, allows opening, editing and saving encrypted documents on mobile devices directly inside apps of third party providers, such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. This feature is available for all users of the newest iOS or Android version of Boxcryptor.

Boxcryptor supports Amazon Cloud Drive on all main platforms now

Boxcryptor, the cloud-optimized encryption solution supports also Amazon Cloud Drive now. The new provider is already supported on all main platforms and allows users of Amazon Cloud Drive to secure their photos and files on their own device before uploading them to the Amazon servers.

iCloud encryption with Boxcryptor for iOS

Boxcryptor, the cloud-optimized encryption solution, is now available in a new iOS version. The most important new feature of the German security solution is support for Apple’s iCloud. This allows iPhone and iPad users to encrypt their files before uploading them to the Apple server. Moreover the new app offers TouchID integration and offline support.

Cooperation with the German Telekom - Boxcryptor is part of the free protection package for PC and Smartphone

Boxcryptor, the encryption solution for Dropbox, Google Drive & Co is part of the Telekom protection package "Made in Germany". The bundle combines four German IT security solutions and is targeted at private and SME users.

Boxcryptor releases new Mac version and now supports Yosemite and iCloud Drive

Today Boxcryptor, the encryption solution for Dropbox, Google Drive & Co released a new Mac OS X version. The new release offers – next to Yosemite, iCloud Drive and Spotlight support - an enhanced stability and improved experience for its Mac users.

Boxcryptor adds a new business feature and now supports Active Directory

Boxcryptor, the award winning German encryption solution for OneDrive, Dropbox & Co, now offers a connection to external user directories like Active Directory and hence makes it easy for corporations to manage their users. With this integration, the software - originally built for the consumer market – continues to implement features for its growing business customer segment.

Boxcryptor is now available for Windows Phone, Windows RT, and BlackBerry 10

Today Boxcryptor, the German encryption solution for OneDrive, Dropbox & Co, was released on three new platforms – Windows Phone, Windows RT and Blackberry 10 and is now available on eight platforms in total. Moreover, Boxcryptor now also supports OneDrive for Business, Microsoft’s new storage solution for companies, on all existing and new platforms.

Boxcryptor for Windows Phone, Windows RT, and BlackBerry 10 announced

Just in time for the „Safer Internet Day“ and “The Day We Fight Back” – action days against internet surveillance - Secomba GmbH, developer of the encryption solution Boxcryptor, announced to release Boxcryptor on further mobile platforms. In the course of the first quarter of 2014 the simple and secure encryption for Dropbox and other storage providers will then be available for Windows Phone, Windows RT, and BlackBerry 10.

Boxcryptor publishes new Mac OS X version

Boxcryptor – the easy and secure encryption software for Drobpox, Google Drive and many other providers has released its new Boxcryptor for Mac OS X version today. With the new Boxcryptor for Mac OS X version, the German encryption software is now available on all main platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android, Google Chrome and Mac OS X and offers its users a lot of new features, especially for teams.

Boxcryptor Wins “WirtschaftsWoche” Start-up Award

Boxcryptor – yesterday the easy and secure encryption solution for Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and Co. was selected as the winner of this year’s “WirtschaftsWoche” start-up award. The Boxcryptor team was able to defy more than 100 other competitors, and took the start-up award, which has been awarded annually since 2007, to Augsburg.

Boxcryptor releases beta of new Mac OS X version

Today Boxcryptor – the easy and secure encryption software for Drobpox, Google Drive and many other providers has released the beta of its new Mac OS X version. This means that after the big relaunch in June, the new Boxcryptor version in now available on all main platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android next to the Mac OS X beta.

Boxcryptor publishes new browser encryption and allows to use own keys

Boxcryptor – the easy and secure encryption software for Drobpox, Google Drive and many other providers now offers its users the possibility to use own encryption keys. Moreover, the new beta version of their browser encryption is now available. With Boxcryptor for Chrome users can encrypt and decrypt their files directly in the browser.

Dropbox opens files without users‘ permission – Encryption as effective protection

After it became public that Dropbox opens its users Word files without their knowledge, the cloud storage provider is again heavily criticized by cloud users and privacy advocates. To protect data privacy, cloud storage users should therefore encrypt all files before the upload.

Boxcryptor guarantees after latest Snowden disclosure: No backdoor in the German encryption software

Boxcryptor – the German encryption software for Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive and many other cloud storage providers – reacts on the newest revelations of Edward Snowden, who discloses that producers of encryption software have implemented backdoors for the NSA. Today Boxcryptor’s management emphasizes, that there is no backdoor in the German encryption solution.

German Federal Minister of Justice Mrs Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger Visits Secomba GmbH in the “aiti-Park” Technology and Start-up Centre

The German Federal Minister of Justice, Mrs Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, meets young entrepreneurs in the “aiti-Park” technology and start-up centre today during her visit to Augsburg. She took a tour of the aiti-Park to find out about the innovative products of the teams, from robotics to the award-winning encryption software “Boxcryptor” by Secomba GmbH. She then discussed important aspects of data protection with the founders Andrea Wittek and Robert Freudenreich.

More security for the cloud: New Boxcryptor Generation is now available

Boxcryptor – the easy to use encryption solution for Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive and many other cloud storage providers – is available since 2 years and was downloaded more than 1 million times since then. Today a new generation of Boxcryptor was released. This completely revised new version does not only allow its users to easily secure their files before uploading them to the cloud, it also enables them to better collaborate in bigger teams and companies – without giving up safety and comfort.

The New Boxcryptor Generation’s Technical preview is now available

Boxcryptor – the easy to use encryption solution for Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive and many other cloud storage providers – released its New Boxcyptor Technical preview today and will be releasing the official new version this quarter (Q2 2013). With this new version, users will not only have an easy solution to secure their files before uploading them to the cloud without sacrificing safety and comfort, but also now they will be able to securely share access to files and folders without having to share their private passwords with anyone and benefit from other new features.