We are excited to share that we are set to begin a new chapter with Dropbox, Inc. Dropbox is acquiring our IP technology to embed natively into the Dropbox product, bringing end-to-end, zero-knowledge encryption to millions of business customers around the world. Check out our blog to find out more!

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Data SecurityWherever You Are

End-to-End Encryption for Dropbox, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, and more.

Encrypt cloud documents with Boxcryptor and benefit from mobile security, Made in Germany. Keep your files always at hand while retaining full control over business and private data.

Mobile Data Security for Teams and Private Users

Your cloud data goes wherever you go. With Boxcryptor, you add strong end-to-end encryption on top. Even sensitive company data can be stored securely in the cloud in compliance with data protection laws and corporate policies.

Only authorized people can access the encrypted data. Our Zero-Knowledge-Standard guarantees that your data is always protected with your password. Neither cloud providers nor Boxcryptor or any other unauthorized third parties have access – ever.

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S'intègre sans interrompre votre travail (1)

Boxcryptor détecte automatiquement les logiciels de stockage sur cloud installés et crée pour chacun un lecteur Boxcryptor virtuel. Every file you upload or create within the Boxcryptor drive can be easily encrypted. If you want to edit an encrypted file, just open it, make your changes and save it. That’s it. No need to do any extra work. Boxcryptor s'occupe du reste pour vous.

Good to know: Boxcryptor encrypts your files before synchronization. This means you can continue working with local data as usual even if you are offline for a while. The synchronization starts as soon as you have internet connection again.

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Les avantages que Boxcryptor apporte à votre entreprise :

Collaboration sans limite

Pas de limites dans le temps et l'espace : collaborez en toute sécurité avec vos clients et collègues dans le monde entier.

Travailler hors ligne - Synchroniser plus tard

Parfait pour le travail mobile : Boxcryptor ne nécessite pas de connexion Internet active pour chiffrer vos données.

Un flux de travail sans interruption

Utiliser le chiffrement de vos données dans le cloud se fait intuitivement et sans interrompre votre flux de travail. Il suffit d'ouvrir, de modifier et d'enregistrer les données comme vous en avez déjà l'habitude.

Partage Sécurisé (1)

Partagez des fichiers chiffrés en toute sécurité dans les channels et les chats de Microsoft Teams.

Give Wings to the Work in Your Company

Boxcryptor makes secure usage of cloud storage in your organization possible. Collaborate as a team with ease and flexibility, all while adhering to internal and external compliance policies. Enjoy the many benefits the cloud offers, with no worries regarding the security of your data.

Boxcryptor is suitable for use in companies of all sizes: Be it for just a few users or large enterprises, we offer scalable security for your cloud, NAS, or local drives.

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Protection de vos fichiers dans Microsoft Teams (1)

Si vous souhaitez améliorer la protection de votre document sensible dans Microsoft Teams, Boxcryptor peut vous y aider. Le chiffrement de bout en bout avec paradigme à connaissance nulle garantit que vous serez le seul à accéder à vos données — ni nous, ni Microsoft, ni des tiers non autorisés ne pourront lire ou voir vos données.

Boxcryptor guarantees that only you can access your information: neither Microsoft, nor we, nor any other unauthorized third party can read or view your data.

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