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Suggerimenti per una maggiore sicurezza online

La tua password è sicura? Dovresti registrare sulla tua fotocamera portatile? Potete proteggervi contro il ransomware? Hai davvero bisogno di un programma anti virus? Scopri tutto ciò che devi sapere per essere sicuro online.

2-1 Smart Speaker Header

Alexa, How Secure Is My Data?

Smart Speakers can be convenient assistants in everyday life. But how do Alexa, Siri and Google handle and protect your data?

Quantum Computing — An Acute Threat to Encryption?

Quantum Computing — An Acute Threat to Encryption?

This blog article addresses the questions of what impact quantum computers and the use of quantum computing have on current encryption methods and the benefits of developing such computers.

E-Evidence is the EU-version of the CLOUD Act

E-Evidence: Data Protection vs. Criminal Law

The European Union has launched its own version of the US CLOUD Act with E-Evidence. Read more about the underlying reasons here.

2-1 Checklist Enterprise Encryption Software

Checklist: Enterprise Encryption Software

Encrypting files is an excellent way to protect corporate data. Use our checklist as a guide and criteria catalog to classify and evaluate the performance scope of the various solutions available on the market.

Fundingprograms in Germany

Funding Programs for Financing the Cloud Encryption Solution Boxcryptor

This article gives an overview of the most important funding programs at federal and state level, with which one can finance the cloud encryption software Boxcryptor.

EU Cryptor Wars

End-to-End Encryption With Backdoor – These Are The EU's Plans

End-to-end encryption with a backdoor? Cryptologist Christian Olbrich explains what to make of the EU Commission's proposals from a technical point of view.

2-1 Google-Alternatives

Comparing 11 Search Engines: Which One Is the Best?

Especially for the sake of data protection it is worthwhile to check some alternative search engines apart from Google.


USA: The next attempt to ban end-to-end encryption is the LAED Act

After introducing the EARN IT Act, the US now tries to ban end-to-end encryption with the LAED Act. Find out more about the consequences and threats arising.