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Suggerimenti per una maggiore sicurezza online

La tua password è sicura? Dovresti registrare sulla tua fotocamera portatile? Potete proteggervi contro il ransomware? Hai davvero bisogno di un programma anti virus? Scopri tutto ciò che devi sapere per essere sicuro online.

2-1 Cyber Insurance — Interview with Ralph Günther, exali

Insure Cyber Risks: Better Safe Than Sorry

What is a cyber insurance and who should have such an insurance? In an interview with Ralph Günther, CEO & Founder of the German insurance company exali, we talk about potential risks, responsibilities and components.


Data Protection and Encryption in Microsoft Teams

We have taken a closer look at how Microsoft protects the business data of customers and will give you five tips on how you can achieve more security and data protection in your company without spending too much time.

2-1 Secure-Digitalisation Header

Enterprise IT Security — Digitalization and Data Security Hand in Hand

In this article, we explain how digitization and IT security can go hand in hand and why you should not put the modernization of your systems second for security reasons.

2-1 Boxcryptor Features — at a Glance

Camera Upload, 2FA, Offline Files, and more — The Boxcryptor Functions at a Glance

Do you know about the numerous functions that are available if you use Boxcryptor as a privat person? Besides the important security functions, there are many other options for a pleasant and uncomplicated use of Boxcryptor.

Corona Warning App

Data Protection in the German Corona-Warn-App: A Statement and our Approval

Our security experts checked the data protection setup of the German Corona Warning App. The results are positive. Read the full statement here.

Boxcryptor Audit

Independent Audit: Insights into the Source Code of Boxcryptor

Our encryption solution was audited by Kudelski, an independent cybersecurity provider. Read more about the results here.

Boxcryptor's New SSO (Single Sign-on)

Boxcryptor’s Single Sign-on with Zero-Knowledge Guarantee: This Is How It Works

Read how Boxcryptor’s new Single Sign-on (SSO) with zero knowledge guarantee works and also, how we implemented SCIM in our Enterprise cloud security solution.

2-1 Cloud Storage — Made In Germany

7 well-known German cloud storage providers at a glance. The company’s headquarter as well as their servers are solely located in Germany. Besides, each company offers German-speaking support.