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Suggerimenti per una maggiore sicurezza online

La tua password è sicura? Dovresti registrare sulla tua fotocamera portatile? Potete proteggervi contro il ransomware? Hai davvero bisogno di un programma anti virus? Scopri tutto ciò che devi sapere per essere sicuro online.

What is Cryptomator | A Close Look at the Cloud Encryption Solution

What is Cryptomator? A Close Look at the Cloud Encryption Solution

Cryptomator and Boxcryptor currently are the most popular encryption solutions for cloud storage. We give an overview of what exactly the solution does and how it compares to Boxcryptor.

What is a Social Bot? – Part 2

Social Bots Part II – Detection and Impact on Social and Political Events

Social bots are said to regularly manipulate public opinion in explosive political debates. We show examples of the use of social bots and give tips on how to expose them.

How to work from home safely

Working from Home: What Companies Have to Look Out For

Boxcryptor insights: What needs to be considered to be able to work securely from home? Which tools simplify collaboration? What experiences have we at Boxcryptor made with #workingfromhome?

Reporting a Data Leak

Reporting a Data Breach – How Does it Work?

What to do if there is a data protection incident in the company? The article provides an overview of current requirements and lists preventive technical and organizational measures that you can implement immediately in your company.

OneDrive Personal Vault

How Secure is Microsoft’s OneDrive Personal Vault?

Find out how secure this new storage location is, how the data is encrypted, and from what the Personal Vault can and cannot protect your data.

San Francisco

Boxcryptor at RSA Conference 2020

We will be part of the German Pavilion at the 2020 RSA Conference in San Francisco, once again.

Interview with Cyber Security Expert Paula Januszkiewicz

Interview with Cyber Security Expert Paula Januszkiewicz

Cyber Security Expert Paula Januszkiewicz about enterprise security, social engineering, and finding new talents for the security industry.

The New Germen Trade Secrets Act (GeschGehG)

Online Training (German): The new Trade Secrets Act in Germany (GeschGehG)

What innovations does the Trade Secrets Act (GeschGehG) bring for companies in Germany? Our guest article by lawpilots explains what needs to be done now.