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Monday, November 29, 2021

Whitepaper: Boxcryptor Security Paper

Protection and Security for Your Company Data Through End-to-End Encryption

Regardless of whether a company collaborates within a cloud, or the data is stored elsewhere: Important data must be protected. Besides the loss or theft of hardware, data can also be lost through malware and hacker attacks. This is how countless amounts of company data end up in the hands of unauthorized persons every day. And the worst thing about it is that companies often don't notice this until it’s too late, if at all.

Encryption is a suitable measure for protecting data. When data is encrypted, plain-text information gets converted in such a way that unauthorized persons can no longer read it. Only those who have the key to decrypt the data can access the information in its original form.


  1. Why Use Encryption?
  2. How Boxcryptor Works
  3. Boxcryptor’s Encryption Process
    • Algorithms used for encryption with Boxcryptor
    • Access Sharing
    • End-to-End Encryption
    • Zero Knowledge
    • Password Security
    • Key Glossary
  4. Additional Features to Protect Your Data

In our whitepaper, we provide you with an overview of encryption as a technical measure to protect your data. In addition, we will explain the functions of the Boxcryptor encryption software without going into too much technical detail. You will learn why you should encrypt your sensitive data and get the most important information about Boxcryptor. Furthermore, you will get to know the encryption process and learn about additional security features of the software.

Whitepaper gratuita: Sanità nel Cloud

Quali vantaggi e rischi possono derivare dal cloud nel settore sanitario e in cui le istituzioni sanitarie dovrebbero prestare particolare attenzione? Consulta la nostra Guida alla Sicurezza, alla Privacy dei dati e alla Crittografia in ambito Sanitario.

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