Boxcryptor Update – mobile editing of encrypted documents on iOS and Android

Boxcryptor Update – mobile editing of encrypted documents in Excel, Word, and more

Today, we are happy to present a Boxcryptor update. Some of you were aware of the beta phase, and supported us with their tests. Now, it is released officially: Our Boxcryptor update for iOS and Android brings to you a new feature, which makes editing encrypted documents in third party apps easier.

Mobile convenience

Complicated searches for your files on your smartphone belong to the past. Now, you can open, edit and safe encrypted documents on your mobile device right inside apps of third party providers.
Before the update all of this was a little bit more complicated. You had to take a detour via our encryption app. It is a lot more practical, to just open a third party app, for example Microsoft Word, and open the file inside the app. If you are done with working on your document, you can safe it to Boxcryptor inside the third party app.

Seamless encryption

With the update this is now possible on all mobile devices. Edit files and safe them right inside the app – all of that does not interfere with the encryption at all. The encryption is guaranteed throughout and the high security standard that you are relying on every day, is supplemented by more comfort.
The new feature works with all common apps that allow data editing, for example the Microsoft Office apps, but also Apple’s Numbers, Pages and Keynote.

The Boxcryptor team wishes you a lot of fun with the update and the now even more comfy security inside the cloud.

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You haven’t tried Boxcryptor, yet? Well, it’s about time. Our basic version is absolutely free.

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