Product News for Boxcryptor for Android – Offline Files Now Available
Sunday, September 1, 2019

Product News for Boxcryptor for Android – Offline Files Now Available

Sometimes, big things that are happening seem small. And sometimes, it is the small change that has a huge impact on the outcome. Boxcryptor for Android users can expect some of these “small changes with a big effect”.

Boxcryptor for Android Now Offers Offline Files

The release of our latest Boxcryptor for Android version (v. 2.85.736) brings an incremental change that has a huge effect on the functionality of the app. Our mobile users often told us that they want some files to be available on their mobile devices, even when their mobile device is not connected to the internet.

Android users can now select files to be available when the mobile device is not connected to the internet. Offline files are available for Boxcryptor on Android (v.2.85.736)

Why are Offline Files Such a Big Deal?

This question might legitimately be asked by our Windows and macOS users, because on both platforms, files that are stored in the cloud are available offline as well. However, this is due to the sync clients of the cloud providers. They usually (unless set up differently) store a local copy of the file that is saved in the cloud folder on the computer. This makes the file available more quickly and it reduces the synchronization that is required between a local device and a cloud storage location, because the synchronization is only required when the file changes.

Due to storage space being limited on mobile devices, such as smartphones, the provision of a local copy of the files stored in the cloud was never intended. However, storage space on mobile devices has increased dramatically. So why not select files to be stored on a mobile device, so one can be sure to have it accessible at all times?

No Increase in Convenience at the Expense of Security

One might wonder if making files available offline might weaken or eliminate the security layer protecting these files. But there is no need to worry, the files are copied to the device in their encrypted form and can therefore still only be opened within the Boxcryptor app. Hence, the offline files are protected by the same strong encryption Boxcryptor users are used to. After all, why settle for less protection, just to have more convenience. That’s a trade-off we would not support.

Synchronization like you are used to

There is also no need to worry about the up-to-dateness of your offline files. Automatic synchronization of the Boxcryptor app and the cloud happens whenever the file is edited or changed – no matter if the online or offline file is changed. Additionally, the app offers a manual synchronization function, to make sure that all files on the device and in the cloud are up-to-date.

For manual synchronization simply select the new “Offline files” tab in the Boxcryptor main menu. The tab provides a list of all files saved locally in the app. By selecting the menu button in the upper right corner of the offline files tab and selecting synchronization, a synchronization of all offline files is started.

Scarica l'ultima versione

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