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Invia file protetti in modo sicuro con crittografia end-to-end direttamente dal tuo browser.

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Storie dei Clienti

Vedi come persone di diverse compagnie beneficiano di Boxcryptor

Storie dei Clienti | Illustrazioni
Dirk Reuter, Albert Schweitzer Stiftung für unsere Mitwelt
Dirk Reuter | Office Management / HR
Albert Schweitzer Stiftung für unsere Mitwelt

Lavorare con Boxcryptor è così facile che neanche te ne accorgi.

Reinhold Haussmann |
Autismus verstehen e.V.

Boxcryptor helps to comply with the requirements of the GDPR. Because of the encryption provided by Boxcryptor, it is possible (...) that authorized people only, may access the data.

Shai Braitner | CEO

Nowadays nothing is 100% safe from attacks and hacking.

Teresa Scarlett, Managing Director at Chrysalis
Teresa Scarlett | Director
Chrysalis Assessment & Support Centre

Boxcryptor ensures that due to the highly sensitive nature of our work, files and documents remain as secure as possible, should our storage systems be hacked.

Thomas Ohlow, Conuno GmbH
Thomas Ohlow | CEO
Conuno GmbH

La sicurezza su Internet è solamente una sicurezza percepita dove Boxcryptor pone rimedio.

FC Affing 1949 e.V.
Robert Lindermeier | President
FC Affing 1949 e.V

We wanted to upload all of our data, which was dispersed amongst a variety of local PCs, to be accumulated centrally in the cloud, while maintaining a maximum level of security.

Benjamin Lochmann, Homepage-Baukasten.de
Benjamin Lochmann | CEO

Il cloud è una parte essenziali delle nostre procedure aziendali. Ma questo vale solamente quando i nostri dati sono protetti al cento per cento.

Stefan Sturm, IREB
Stefan Sturm | CEO

Boxcryptor incrementa in modo significativo la sicurezza dei dati

John Paul O'Gorman | VP Engineering
Keelvar Systems Ltd.

It is about protecting your company’s reputation and future viability

MJD Foundation - Medical Protocols
Nadia Lindop | CEO
MJD Foundation

Everyone quickly understood and is using Boxcryptor without any issues.

Boxcryptor Customer Story by Johannes Wagner, NETPLANET
Johannes Wagner | CEO

Anche persone senza conoscenza informatica possono gestire Boxcryptor facilmente.

Reggy-Charles Degen | CEO

Boxcryptor is an essential piece of software for the business, due to it being an additional security layer that is easy to be set up.

Bob Gladkowski | Head of Sales
SNP Title Agency, Inc.

SNP’s decision to use Boxcryptor as encryption software was based on the very good reviews both, on Google and on various tech websites.

Jan van Asselt (JPG)
Jan van Asselt | Data Protection Officer
Stichting Voedselhulp Nunspeet

Boxcryptor has been implemented so all employees who are processing personal, or financial data can use it to create and store the data compliant with GDPR regulations.

Felix Stremmer, StudierendenGesellschaft Witten/Herdecke e.V.
Felix Stremmer | Board Member
StudierendenGesellschaft Witten/Herdecke e.V.

Without Boxcryptor, we would be thrown back into the Stone Age in terms of data storage. Our Boxcryptor is the collective brain of our organization as well as our historical library.

Andreas Pollierer, Takevalue Consulting
Andreas Pollierer | Consultant
Takevalue Consulting

Zero knowledge - Un argomento principale per Boxcryptor.

Stefan Bauer, Tarifhaus AG
Stefan Bauer | CTO
Tarifhaus AG

Con Boxcryptor tutti i file vengono criptati automaticamente senza disturbare il nostro flusso lavorativo.

Johan Andersson - Trustly
Johan Andersson |
Trustly Group AB

The additional layer of security added to the operations of Trustly provides protection for the highly sensitive information Trustly is handling.

Ryan A. Rafoth | Chief Closing Attorney Windmill Title, LLC
Ryan A. Rafoth |
Windmill Title, LLC

Windmill Title not only uses Boxcryptor for improving their IT-security. The strong protection of data gives us a competitive advantage.