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Here's how Diogenes-FG safely stores their clients' sensitive financial data

Robert R. Patterson
Robert R. Patterson



Here's how Diogenes-FG safely stores their clients' sensitive financial data

Diogenes-FG is a company of experienced, honorable professionals dedicated to helping mitigate legal risk of a breach of fiduciary duty and defend the actions of senior management and boards of directors to ensure preservation of shareholder value.

The company is developing the first of its kind platform to provide boards of global organizations with the tools to understand cybersecurity as part of the organization’s systemic risk which includes cash flow, market and emerging competition.

“How did you first find out about Boxcryptor?”

Several years ago, we started searching for an easy-to-use resource to secure our information locally and in the cloud. Being a small company, we wanted to find something that “just worked” and didn’t need any specialized knowledge on our part. We came across Boxcryptor in a journal describing several resources.

“Why did you decide to use Boxcryptor?“

We had tried several products from the larger well-known companies. We were disappointed with the complexity of implementing their platform and the customer service was not very good. We were looking for a company that was GDPR compliant and met the ISO 27001 standards.

We were particularly pleased with the diversity and the quality of the founder and their team.

“What Problem does Boxcryptor solve for you?”

We manage sensitive client data as well as information about the ongoing development of new services. We needed a means to secure that data since it is spread across more than one cloud provider. We engage outside professionals, and we needed a secure means to share information with them in the development of our newest product CyberGov™.

“How do you use Boxcryptor in your every day’s work?”

We really don’t think of “using” Boxcryptor in the same way we use other software products like Excel or Word. It is just “there” in the background. All the members of our team use Boxcryptor.

“How did you experience the onboarding phase?”

A couple of us had been using Boxcryptor for our personal information for a year or two before we decided to upgrade to the more advanced company version. It proved a steep learning curve for us. We knew that we needed to differentiate which users could have access to which folders. This is where the quality of the Boxcryptor customer service shines. The support staff were very responsive to our requests, usually responding within a few hours. They were patient with us and even took the time to guide us through in solving the challenges by using a shared screen.

“Why is Boxcryptor essential for Diogenes-FG?”

Because we were a new company entering the cybersecurity business, we felt that it was important to demonstrate our commitment to cybersecurity. We were already using the Swiss-based Proton Mail which, like Boxcryptor, met the GDPR and ISO certifications. If we were going to offer a service to global companies, we felt that we should demonstrate our commitment to the same high-level security standards which global companies are using.

“How important is privacy and data protection to you?“

It reflects our commitment to the highest standards of integrity and ethics that shape everything we do at Diogenes-FG.

“To whom would you recommend Boxcryptor?”

Boxcryptor would be a valuable resource for any industry or organizations like endowments and foundations who are responsible for other people’s information. It is a great resource to demonstrate commitment of safety and quality to employees and clients.