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Engelbert Strauss

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Engelbert Strauss

How Engelbert Strauss found the right solution to encrypt its corporate data

Well-known workwear manufacturer Engelbert Strauss was searching for a software hosted on-premises to encrypt local file shares and cloud storage. They have been using Boxcryptor for over a year now to protect its corporate data. Rüdiger Faust, Head of IT infrastructure at Engelbert Strauss, shares his experience with Boxcryptor below.

The user-friendly handling of encrypted files

At Engelbert-Strauss, we have our own development department that takes care of the web shop and the RP applications. In addition, there is an infrastructure team that takes care of the internal processes and ensures problem-free operation. This includes everything from defective mice to cloud applications. In this team, my colleagues and I also look after Boxcryptor.

At the time, we were looking for a solution for the files of the management. They wanted to store data on the file share. It was important that this be done in a way that no one could access it - not even the IT department. The requirement was multi-level: the files should be stored securely, a backup is made and data can be restored without having to grant access to an administrator. It was particularly important for us to be able to encrypt local file shares and cloud storage, with software that is hosted on premise.

We specifically looked for something like this, but most providers did not support part of our requirements.

We ran the Boxcryptor implementation without any difficulties.

Our IT manager already knew Boxcryptor from the private application because he uses the encryption in combination with Dropbox. At that time, he had already been an enthusiastic customer for several years and reported that Boxcryptor runs without any problems for him.

We experienced this ourselves: during the test run, we found that everything ran smoothly and I was then able to implement it into the productive system more or less on the side.

This was also perceived as such in the team. The colleagues who work with the encrypted files every day only had to invest about 15 minutes: A short briefing, create a log-in, set up the drive, done. We were all thrilled with that. We've been using Boxcryptor for about one and a half years now and we all get along very well with it. The software fits perfectly into the Windows environment. We notice that clearly.

At the moment, we have Boxcryptor in use by the management assistance and are in the process of gradually bringing the executives on board. We have also started having discussions with the HR department. Those will be the next ones where we encrypt the files.

A plus point for us is the German-speaking support. Of course we all know English and actually it was only about small things. But what we had to discuss was very pleasant. So the language does play a role. All in all, we have the impression that Boxcryptor is backed by a young, dynamic team where people are eager to make progress. That's how it is in our company, and that's why we fit together very well.