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Data protectionfor the works council (Betriebsrat)

Voi, in qualità di comitato aziendale, proteggete i diritti alla privacy dei dipendenti. Noi di Boxcryptor vi aiutiamo in questo, consentendovi di collaborare in modo riservato.

Here's how Boxcryptor supports the work of Betriebsrat

Indipendenza dalla piattaforma e dallo storage

Boxcryptor funziona sui sistemi operativi Windows e macOS, nonché su PC desktop, notebook, smartphone e tablet. Ciò consente la massima flessibilità.

Flusso di lavoro continuo

L'uso dell'archiviazione cloud crittografata è intuitivo e perfetto per il tuo flusso di lavoro: basta aprire, modificare e salvare i dati, esattamente come prima.

Crittografia dei nomi di file

La crittografia del nome del file impedisce di trarre conclusioni sul suo contenuto. Con Boxcryptor, non solo proteggete i contenuti sensibili, ma anche la struttura delle cartelle di dati.

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Files that have been securely encryped are no longer subject to the GDPR. Thanks to Boxcryptor, files with personal data can also be stored in the cloud without any problems.

Independent data storage

Securing data and exchanging files in the works council independently of the employer is a requirement we know from many of our customers. End-to-end encryption can help you achieve this goal since user management allows clear control over who has access to which folders. This means that confidential documents are securely encrypted and you can focus on what's important.

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Data protection in the works council

Confidential communication within the works council and between individual council members and employees must be guaranteed at all times. Boxcryptor supports you with end-to-end encryption for over 30 cloud providers and numerous other storage types, such as USB sticks, NAS, or file servers. Thanks to file name encryption, you also disguise the folder structure for outsiders and prevent conclusions about the content of the encrypted files. With our add-on for Microsoft Teams, you can also transmit encrypted messages and files within the popular collaboration tool.

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Responsibility according to the GDPR

In order to safeguard employee interests, it is necessary for the Betriebsrat to process personal data. This results in a responsibility within the meaning of the GDPR and the new BDSG. However, data that is protected with end-to-end encryption is no longer subject to the GDPR - even if the plain text contains personal data. Encryption therefore provides effective relief in the works council's everyday work.

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What data may the works council access?

The works council generally doesn't have unrestricted access to all employee data. However, the employer is obligated to provide access the data that is necessary for the fulfillment of Betriebsrat's tasks. This results in a complex structure of access rights. The user management in Boxcryptor makes it possible to map these requirements, so that confidential material remains confidential.

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What co-determination rights apply to data protection?

The works council is subject to co-determination whenever technology is introduced that could theoretically be used to surveil employees. Together with the employer, the works council draws up a works agreement that regulates how the new technology is handled. In the case of software, for example, this includes settings and analyses. They also jointly determine how future updates will be handled.

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Il tuo nuovo posto di lavoro sicuro: il disco Boxcryptor

The Boxcryptor drive works and looks like any other folder on your machine. Se i tuoi impiegati lavorano già con Dropbox (per fare un esempio), sapranno utilizzare Boxcryptor. Ci sono solo due differenze: la casella verde indica che i file sono crittografati e Boxcryptor è molto più sicuro. Also, it's more secure.

Boxcryptor Drive on Windows (Screenshot)

Continua con i tuoi normali flussi di lavoro

Trascinamento, copia e incolla, condivisione dei file e gestione dei permessi: nonostante la crittografia, potrai continuare a lavorare con i tuoi file come hai sempre fatto. It adds security and makes your life easier as well. La nostra soluzione aumenta la sicurezza e ti semplifica la vita, permettendoti di accedere ai tuoi dati ovunque tu sia, con la consapevolezza che tutto è ai massimi livelli di sicurezza.

Boxcryptor Screenshot: How to Drop a File (on Windows)