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The new cloud encryption tool NordLocker compared to Boxcryptor
Friday, November 1, 2019

NordLocker: The New Cloud Encryption Solution by NordVPN

There is a new encryption solution on the market. Just like our encryption solution Boxcryptor, NordLocker encrypts cloud services with zero-knowledge encryption before data is moved to the cloud. Let’s take a closer look at what the newcomer can do and how it compares to long-standing cloud encryption solutions like Boxcryptor.

The service works similar to Boxcryptor, but has its disadvantages. In short: It is more expensive and does not offer versions for mobile devices.

How NordLocker Works

Similar to Boxcryptor’s first version Boxcryptor Classic, NordLocker works with a secure folder, the so-called locker, in which files can be stored in encrypted form. In order to use the software, an account must first be created. The software comes in a chic dark mode, the focus is clearly on attractive UI.

NordLocker screenshot of how to create a new locker

NordVPN: VPN Provider Expands its Product Portfolio

The company behind NordLocker is Tefincom & Co., S.A. (Société anonyme) and is based in Panama, Costa Rica. Since 2012 it has been developing the VPN service NordVPN, which is available for private users and companies.

Encryption at NordLocker

Nordlocker encrypts data end-to-end and with zero knowledge standard, just like Boxcryptor. It offers client-side encryption, which means that the data on the device is encrypted before it ends up in the cloud.

Since NordLocker, unlike Boxcryptor, does not have versions for Android or iOS, users cannot access their encrypted cloud data on their smartphones and tablets.

Pricing Model and Price Comparison with Boxcryptor

The price model is exactly the same as Boxcryptor’s: “Freemium”. There is a free version, but it cannot be found on the website and is quite cleverly hidden in the software. With the free version, only 5 GB per locker can be encrypted. In comparison: With Boxcryptor Free, an unlimited amount of data can be encrypted and used (encrypted and decrypted) with one cloud provider on two devices.

NordLocker costs an impressive $8 per month for monthly payment ($96 per year). For annual payment it costs $60 (approx. 54€) and only with a 3-year subscription NordLocker approaches the price range of Boxcryptor with $35 per year. This means: If you commit to NordLocker for 3 years, it becomes cheaper than Boxcryptor (more on pricing in the conclusion). The full version of Boxcryptor for private use costs $48 per year, and students get a discount.

Conclusion: Boxcryptor vs. NordLocker

The encryption method used by NordLocker is very similar to that of Boxcryptor. However, we in Augsburg no longer work with a locker, but with a virtual drive. A big disadvantage is that NordLocker can currently only be used on Windows and macOS. The fact that encrypted cloud data cannot be accessed from smartphones or tablets is a major limitation and, in our opinion, not appropriate for a working world in which numerous devices, models and operating systems are in use.

Summary 1. The software is expensive, especially if you consider that there are no mobile versions. 2. Currently, NordLocker does not offer features for teams (groups) and companies.

Protect Your Cloud Data with Boxcryptor

Boxcryptor supports more than 30 cloud providers and is available for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

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