The picture shows the Ukrainian flag.
Friday, March 11, 2022

Statement from the Founders of Boxcryptor on the War in Ukraine

Dear Boxcryptor Community,

we are all shocked by the war in Ukraine and Russia’s invasion of a free country. This threat is not only targeted against Ukraine, but it’s also a fundamental attack on democracy and our core values as entrepreneurs and as humans.

We want to make clear where we stand: We stand for freedom, and freedom is not negotiable. We stand against the aggressor and this aggressor is currently not only fighting a country less than 2,000 km away from us, but also attacking innocent humans, and our beliefs of humanity.

Ukraine is not only defending its freedom, but also ours. We have decided to act:

Boxcryptor Is Now Freely Available in Ukraine

We have lifted all Boxcryptor restrictions within Ukraine. All users who want to use our encryption within Ukraine, can use Boxcryptor for free with the complete feature set. No need to worry about payment or money in the current situation.   

No More Sales to Russia and Belarus

We refrain from any sales with private and business customers from Russia and Belarus, regardless of the sanction lists in place. However, the free version is still available.

We Donate Our Sales from Russia and Belarus

We donate the revenues we generated last year with customers from Russia and Belarus. Our team has additionally donated money, which we will double and roundup.

The total sum of 15,000 Euros has already been sent to UNICEF, the Ukrainian Red Cross and the Ukrainian Association of Augsburg. The Ukrainian Red Cross helps helps those who are affected by the armed conflict, on site. The Ukrainian association in our hometown of Augsburg provides food, medicine, first aid supplies, sleeping bags, tents and protective clothing, and transports the material directly to Ukraine. UNICEF helps children in Ukraine and provides families with hygiene articles, winter clothing, and sets up safe havens for families on the run.

If you can, please also take action: donate, spread the word and use any influence on politics to end this war.

Andrea & Robert

Founders of Boxcryptor

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