Manage Clouds and Locations

Boxcryptor supports a vast variety of cloud storage providers out of the box. Additionally, Boxcryptor works with every cloud provider which supports the WebDAV protocol.

Add Provider

Boxcryptor works as an additional security layer for your cloud storage. On iOS, we connect directly to your provider and handle both uploading and encrypting your files. To add a new provider to Boxcryptor, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Boxcryptor app and navigate to Settings.
  2. Tap on Add Provider and select your provider.
  3. Allow Boxcryptor to sign in to your provider and complete the authentication process.

You can also rename or delete your provider with a long press.

Google Drive

Boxcryptor gives you access to files stored in Google Drive's My Drive, Shared Drives and Shared_. Additional folders backed up via My Computer_ are _not available.


The fact that there is an iCloud Drive (a typical cloud provider) and an iCloud (where all your apps and their cloud space are managed by Apple) makes setting up encryption across platforms a little more complicated, compared to other clouds. Some additional steps are necessary in the beginning. But once your iCloud in combination with Boxcryptor is set up, working with the data is as simple as on other platforms.

14-9   Help iCloud-iCloud Drive

Make sure to use the same Apple ID on your iOS device and your Mac.

How to encrypt iCloud Drive and make all your data available on mobile and desktop devices

If you want to have your encrypted data available on all your devices you have to take the following steps:

  1. Install Boxcryptor on your iPhone or iPad and also on your desktop devices.

  2. Make sure that you are signed in to iCloud on all devices.

  3. Add the iCloud provider in Boxcryptor for iOS.

  4. Upload an encrypted file to iCloud via Boxcryptor for iOS.

  5. Apple will then create a Boxcryptor folder in their cloud.

  6. Open Boxcryptor on your desktop and access the iCloud location on macOS or iCloud Drive → Boxcryptor on Windows. You will find the encrypted file from your iPhone or iPad there.

  7. To make files from your Mac or PC available on your iPhone or iPad, move or copy the files to the folders mentioned above. You will then have them available on your mobile and desktop devices.

WebDAV Locations

If your cloud provider is not listed as a supported provider, chances are high that Boxcryptor supports it nevertheless, because we support the WebDAV protocol. This protocol is used by most providers.

  1. Contact your cloud provider for the WebDAV credentials.

Boxcryptor requires a secure server connection (https://) with a valid or self-signed SSL certificate installed on the device.

In local networks, IP-based unencrypted connections (http: //) are also possible, provided you allow this on your device.

  1. Open the Boxcryptor app and navigate to Settings.
  2. Tap on Add Provider and select WebDAV.
  3. Complete the authentication process with the given WebDAV credentials

ownCloud and nextCloud both support WebDAV. By default, the configuration URLs are: and