Who or What is Share-It?

Our main goal is to provide the best data protection solution for cloud storage possible. In order to focus on developing a great product, we partner with Share-It from Digital River for the processing of payments. They handle everything regarding the payment of our paid plans. Therefore, do not be surprised if you receive payment related emails from them, and not from us – everything is fine and as it should be.

Change your Subscription

To change any of your subscription details, have a look at them here.

The plan details let you:

  • Update Your Payment Method
  • Upgrade Your Account
  • Enter Your Product / License Key
  • Cancel Your Subscription at any time.

Change of the VAT rate in Germany

Note: This only concerns our customers in Germany. In Germany, as part of an economic stimulus package, the value added tax will be reduced from July 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020. Instead of 19%, only 16% value added tax will be levied. Secomba GmbH will therefore pay less money to the tax office during this period.

A change of our accounting systems to adjust to this novelty would be a disproportionate amount of work for us, considering that it is about relatively low amounts. We will therefore continue to invoice the known gross prices.

However, we will calculate and round up the difference on a monthly basis. The resulting amount will be donated to organizations that are concerned with the management of the Corona crisis in Germany.