App Protection

In Boxcryptor for iOS, App Protection was replaced by Files Protection. Files Protection prevents unauthorized access to files and folders saved to the Boxcryptor location within the Files app. The Boxcryptor app itself does not contain files or folders anymore. To use this feature, activate the “Files Protection” switch in your Boxcryptor app and set your personal, six-digit Boxcryptor passcode. The passcode is independent from your device code and Boxcryptor password.

Further Setting Options:

  • Face ID/Touch ID (optional): In addition to the Boxcryptor passcode, biometric authentication can be used if available on your device.
  • Lock After: Specifies the period after which the Boxcryptor location will be locked again. The timer starts after your last activity in the Boxcryptor location and resets with each new activity (e. g. opening a file)
  • Lock Now: Allows you to activate the Files Protection immediately.
  • Change Passcode: For subsequent adaptation of the Boxcryptor passcode.

To change the settings of the Files Protection in the Boxcryptor app, you always have to re-enter the six-digit Boxcryptor passcode.

Toggle activation switch inside the Boxcryptor app.

If you now open the Files app and try open a file or folder in the Boxcryptor location, you will be asked to unlock access with your new Boxcryptor passcode first.

Locked Files app location.

After ten unsuccessful unlock attempts, the Boxcryptor app completely blocks access to your files and folders. To access the data again, you must sign out in the Boxcryptor app itself and sign in again with your email address and your Boxcryptor password.

Technical Limitations

  • iOS does not allow us to show any direct, in-app messages outside of the Files app if you try to interact with locked files. Instead, Boxcryptor uses a notification banner to inform you if file access is still locked. If you're using "Save to Files", for example, it will also redirect you to the Files app, to unlock the Files Protection.
  • Depending on the app, files that were previously opened may also be cached and displayed or edited in the locked state. Boxcryptor has no influence on this. We strongly recommend to only use apps which have your trust.

Boxcryptor Settings

Boxcryptor is seamlessly integrated into Apple's Files App, so the experience depends heavily on its functions and preferences. However, some settings are only available within the Boxcryptor app.

To get there, open the Boxcryptor app and navigate to Settings. Here you will find options to:

Files App Documentation

To read more about how to work with the files app, have a look at Apple's own documentation.